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You guys are AMAZING!!!! Im totally agreeing with Hannah, that the Monday practice made all the difference, 6 Hours it ended up being!

I loved that the lecturers were there too :)

Great job everyone, but I am keen to compare our practice videos and the actual performance videos to see the differences with our songs and what we ended up changing for our actual performance.

Awesome Job 'The Quick' or 'Group D'

Leasha :)

Charlotte Silverstone

[this is good] haha totally agree with both of you. We did so awesome! i had so much fun finally getting to show off all our hard work! :) i cant wait to see what the other bands have come up with! :) :)

xx woo go The Quick!! haha group D represent!! xx 


yeah totally looking forward to the next concert aye!!


Yeah, so thats on the 28th aye Hannah?


yup, the 28th of november at 7:30pm. it's a cafe sorta night so maybe a bit more laid back, but yeah, could be really cool. we're definitely up to standard, i think :)


Thanks to D & Erin for being so generous with their pad for us to jam in - this was most helpful & productive - have to give it up for Labour Day - cos i reckon this really helped polish all the songs...to all the group members for lugging along ur instruments to every practise (makes me appreciate the keys so much more) - the range of instruments we had was awesome - woulda LUVED TO HEAR the um..sorry dont know the name of instrument (i really shld look this up) - the cool mini keyboard that Hana played for 'Butterflies" song...and the bongos & shaker? THAT was soo much fun and an eye-opener to incorporating these percussion instruments into band where u have instruments like electric/acoustic guitar, drums, keys & vocals pounding away..!Yea man, would luv to check our vid taken on the performance day - just so we could all boast how absolutely brilliant we were (c'mon u know u want to!) and more importantly - see where u can improve for future - after all, you're your own critic right? Anywayz - have I gone on an overkill with these blogs? probably...oh well - happy reading :)


To my fab "The Quick" members:Hanz - thanks for the shakers (far out it was the lightest instrument EVER) & the ride home when I didnt have any wheels.Charz - thanks for the bongos - diggin it real bad that i think i beta invest in my ownSarz - thanks sistah for ur vocal harmonising talent...most helpful & thanks heaps for the rides too!Kaz - thanks for your keys on Labour Day and 4 hooking our group up with bass guitar, expecting big things from you after the holidays! (hahaha)Leash - thanks for the singing lessons & lyric-writing talent...hey i was listening on ur liddle vocal training sessions with every1 too!Gaz & D - thanks dudes for ur gear, ur skills & talent shared with the rest of group & for making me larf @ just some of the silliest things during practise.Tama - thanks for the advice & assistance during practise - esp. polishing our "get into real performance mode" styles...it can only get beta!Keep safe during the Xmas/New Years break - see y'all on the flipside (aye D..) Peace out :)


haha aaalll good luma! yeah kudos to my mate peter kerr who lent me that shaker egg...i want one now lol. have a good summer chickee, you did so amazing in our group this year, was so cool to have you ripping it up on keys and mic and various percussions! God bless

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